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    Review the different options in our catalog and click on the pieces of jewelry of interest to find out their details. If you already have a product or piece of jewelry in mind, you can search by entering the name of the piece in our search engine (eg Virgen de Guadalupe Medal). (Select now (Link to catalog)

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Purchase policies

Changes, guarantees and returns

The pieces may suffer some type of alteration due to the care given to them, the PH of each person or by coming into contact with substances that may alter their composition such as: perfumes, chlorine from the pool, sweat, steam baths ).

The use that each person provides to their pieces of jewelry is their responsibility.

To make changes it is essential to present a purchase order during the first 7 days after the purchase.

The item must come in its original packaging and without having been used.

No returns or exchanges are made on personalized jewelry.

No changes or returns are made on pieces in liquidation.

If you placed your order to pick it up at Kollectiva, you have 15 days to pick up your package.

The warranty period for our parts is one month from the date of purchase.

order cancellation

Mãe medals reserves the right to cancel any order with suspicious behavior or errors in the system outside the company. If your order suffered an unjustified cancellation, you can contact us to help you finalize the order again and prepare it for shipment.


How much does shipping my order cost?

The shipping of Mäe Jewelry products is free anywhere in the country on minimum purchases of $3,000. If your purchase is less than $3,000 shipping will cost $130.


We work with national and international parcel service companies. • Only domestic shipments are through Estafeta and FEDEX.

Delivery term

Delivery times, as well as its frequency, are subject to restrictions, not necessarily to the address. The delivery time applies from the moment the order leaves our warehouse. All orders ship the same day if you pay before 3 pm, otherwise the order will ship the next day. At Mäe Jewelry we are committed to our customers, so you can be sure that you will receive your products at your doorstep quickly and safely.

Care and cleaning of Mãe jewelry pieces

How to take care of your pieces?

We share some tips so that that piece that you appreciate so much is always kept clean, shiny and shiny:

1) To clean them, periodically wipe them with a cotton or felt cloth, simply rubbing. Get our specially designed Mãe Cleaning Cloth to clean your pieces and keep them in perfect condition.

2) Do not wear necklaces, chains or earrings immediately after applying cream or perfume, let the product dry beforehand. In the same way, never perfume yourself with your jewelry on.

3) At home, keep them in a drawer, in individual bags or boxes. It is about not giving them light and air so that they do not rust, and that they are not in contact with other metal parts.