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Natural gemstone Moonstone and Rose Quartz earrings

Natural gemstone Moonstone and Rose Quartz earrings

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Moonstone and Rose Quartz Jewelry Earrings are a lovely combination that fuses the soft luminosity of Rose Quartz with Moonstone.
The earrings will be made of 925 silver with gold plating.
Moonstone is a variety of feldspar that exhibits a glow known as adularescence. This optical phenomenon creates a soft, pearly shine on the stone.
Rose quartz is a variety of quartz that exhibits a beautiful soft pink hue. Moonstone and rose quartz jewelry earrings are a charming option that combines the elegance of silver with the softness of rose quartz and the mysterious glow of the stone moon, creating a unique and versatile jewel.

You can complement your look with the Moonstone and Rose Quartz natural stone pendant necklace.

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Patricia López Cárdenas

LLegó en tiempo y son exactamente como los vi en internet. altamente recomendable.