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Saint Benedict Cameo Earrings

Saint Benedict Cameo Earrings

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The 925 silver Saint Benedict Cross medal with a cameo is a religious piece that combines elements of the Saint Benedict medal and a cameo, which is a gem or shell carving technique to create a relief image.

Material: The medal is made of 925 silver, which gives it exceptional shine and durability.

Design of the Cross of Saint Benedict: The Cross of Saint Benedict is a Christian cross with a specific design. In the center of the cross, there is an image of the cross of Saint Benedict, in relief. Saint Benedict is a saint revered in the Catholic tradition and known for his role in the founding of the Order of Saint Benedict and his fight against evil. The cross is usually surrounded by a series of inscriptions and symbols that have specific meanings, such as the letters CSSML - NDSMD, which are the initials of a Latin prayer that translates as "The holy cross be my light, let not the devil be my guide".

Cameo: The cameo on the medal refers to the relief carving technique used to create a representation of the cross of Saint Benedict. The cameos are often intricate and detailed, giving the medal an artistic and carefully crafted look.

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Jyslaine Christinne Vázquez Merino

Es la segunda vez que compro cosas de ustedes la primera vez fue un cristo de plata con circonias en una tienda de artículos religiosos en Mérida y está vez los san Benitos. Gracias están hermosos