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Scapular of the Virgen del Carmen

Scapular of the Virgen del Carmen

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From our collection of Scapulars of La Virgen del Carmen, there is a classic piece: the Scapular of La Virgen del Carmen in its small version; Without a doubt, a beautiful Scapular necklace ideal for all ages, with an adjustable chain from 40 to 45 cm.

It has the elements of the Scapular medal: The image of the Blessed Virgin of Carmen with the Child Jesus, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Mount Carmel and the prayer of consecration to the Virgin of Carmen:

"Oh Virgin of Carmen, may I die with your Scapular and fulfill Your promises in me"

You will receive it in a beautiful gift box ready to give as a gift! 🥰

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history of the piece

The Scapular of the Virgin of Carmen has a rich history that dates back to Catholic tradition and Marian devotion. Its origin is found in the Order of Carmelites, a religious order that was established on Mount Carmel in Israel during the 12th century. The Virgin Mary, in her dedication to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, plays a central role in the story of the Carmel Scapular. Here is the short story:

1. **Origin in the Carmelite Order:** The Order of Carmelites was founded on Mount Carmel in the 12th century, and the members of the order had a strong devotion to the Virgin Mary. Over the years, the Carmelites developed a special relationship with Mary, whom they considered their protector.

2. **The apparition of the Virgin:** The story of the Scapular of the Virgin of Carmel is related to an apparition of the Virgin Mary to Saint Simon Stock, an English Carmelite, on July 16, 1251. According to tradition, the Virgin Mary appeared to him and gave him the Scapular as a sign of her protection and as a promise that those who wore it and lived a pious life would be saved from eternal punishment.

3. **The Scapular as a symbol of protection:** The Scapular of Carmen, in the form of two small plates of cloth or metal joined by a rope, became a symbol of Marian devotion and the protection of the Virgin of Carmen . It was believed that wearing the Scapular guaranteed the intercession and protection of the Virgin in the lives of those who wore it.

4. **Associated Promises:** Throughout the centuries, various promises and blessings have been attributed to those who wear the Carmel Scapular with devotion. Among these promises is the guarantee of Mary's intercession at the hour of death and deliverance from Purgatory on the Saturday following death.

5. **Ecclesiastical Approval:** The Carmel Scapular has received official approval from the Catholic Church, and specific indulgences and blessings have been promulgated for those who wear it.

Today, the Scapular of the Virgin of Carmel is one of the most popular Marian devotions in the Catholic Church and is used by millions of faithful around the world as a symbol of their faith and devotion to the Virgin Mary. Its history is deeply rooted in Catholic tradition and devotion to the Mother of God.


Pendant 1cm high by 0.8cm wide adjustable chain


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Customer Reviews

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Juan Flores
Escapulario Virgen del Carmen

Muy bello y recomendado!

Fernanda Martin
Me encanto

Estoy encantada con mi escapulario. Están demasiado bonito y no se ve nada tosco.