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Mini Holy Spirit Set

Mini Holy Spirit Set

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The "Holy Spirit" earrings and pendant in mini silver are elegant pieces of jewelry that stand out for their religious and symbolic design. They are made of 925 silver with a 14K gold, rose gold or rhodium bath, which gives them an exceptional shine and finish. Each set includes a pair of earrings and a pendant, all with the same Holy Spirit motif.

The Holy Spirit set is made of 925 silver with 14K gold plating (gold), rhodium plating (silver), rose gold plating (rosegold)

history of the piece

The Holy Spirit motif is a symbolic representation of the Holy Spirit in the Christian tradition. It is often depicted as a dove or an ethereal form that symbolizes the divine presence, spiritual guidance, and inspiration. This jewelry can be a special gift for someone with a strong spiritual connection or simply as a constant reminder of faith and spirituality in everyday life.
Mini silver "Holy Spirit" pendant and earrings are an elegant way to express religious belief and add a touch of spiritual meaning to one's appearance. Their sophisticated design and deep symbolism make them a versatile choice that can be appreciated for both their aesthetic beauty and their spiritual value.


I SAID 1 X 1 CM.


Caring for a piece of silver jewelry is important to maintain its shine and appearance over time. Silver is a relatively soft metal and can deteriorate over time due to exposure to air, moisture, and other factors. Here are some tips for caring for your silver jewelry:
Proper Storage: Store your silver jewelry in a dry, dark place, preferably in a soft cloth bag or jewelry case to prevent exposure to air and moisture.
Proper Storage: Store your silver jewelry in a dry, dark place, preferably in a soft cloth bag or jewelry case to prevent exposure to air and moisture.
Regular Cleaning: Clean your silver jewelry regularly to remove buildup of dirt, oil, and grime. Use a silver jewelry polishing cloth or soft microfiber cloth to gently rub the surface to restore its shine.
Cleaning professional: If you notice that your silver jewelry is very dirty or has lost its shine, consider taking it to a jewelry cleaning professional who is experienced in caring for silver.
Wear often: Although it may sound counterintuitive, wearing your silver jewelry regularly can actually help keep it in better condition, as the natural friction of daily wear can help maintain its shine.
By following these tips and taking proper care of your silver jewelry, you will be able to enjoy its beauty and shine for a long time.

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