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Medal of the Cross of Saint Benedict cameo

Medal of the Cross of Saint Benedict cameo

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The 925 silver Saint Benedict Cross medal with a cameo is a religious piece that combines elements of the Saint Benedict medal and a cameo, which is a gem or shell carving technique to create a relief image.

Material: The medal is made of 925 silver, which gives it exceptional shine and durability.

Design of the Cross of Saint Benedict: The Cross of Saint Benedict is a Christian cross with a specific design. In the center of the cross, there is an image of the cross of Saint Benedict, in relief. Saint Benedict is a saint revered in the Catholic tradition and known for his role in the founding of the Order of Saint Benedict and his fight against evil. The cross is usually surrounded by a series of inscriptions and symbols that have specific meanings, such as the letters CSSML - NDSMD, which are the initials of a Latin prayer that translates as "The holy cross be my light, let not the devil be my guide".

Cameo: The cameo on the medal refers to the relief carving technique used to create a representation of the cross of Saint Benedict. The cameos are often intricate and detailed, giving the medal an artistic and carefully crafted look.

history of the piece

The Cross of Saint Benedict, also known as the Benedictine Cross or the Cross of Saint Benedict of Nursia, is a Christian symbol that is associated with the Order of Saint Benedict and has a long history dating back to the life of Saint Benedict himself. Nursia, an influential 6th century Italian monk and founder of Western monasticism.

The story of the Cross of Saint Benedict focuses on the famous episode in the life of Saint Benedict in which he is credited with performing a miracle by blessing a poisoned cup. According to legend, Saint Benedict was tempted by a group of renegade monks who tried to poison him. When Saint Benedict made the sign of the cross over the poisoned cup, it miraculously broke, rendering the poison ineffective. This episode strengthened the belief in the protective power of the cross and prayer in the life of Saint Benedict.

In honor of this miraculous event, the Cross of Saint Benedict became a symbol of protection against evil and evil forces. The cross bears Latin inscriptions that are a combination of Bible verses, prayers and blessing formulas. The initial letters of these inscriptions form the words "CSPB" and "PAX," which are abbreviations of the Latin phrase "Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti" (The Cross of the Holy Father Benedict) and "Pax" (Peace), respectively.

Today, the Cross of Saint Benedict is widely recognized and respected in the Catholic Church and is used in a variety of forms, from pendants and medals to crosses in churches and monasteries. It is also found in the liturgy and religious ceremonies of the Benedictine order. The Cross of Saint Benedict has a rich history based on the life and achievements of Saint Benedict and has come to be appreciated as a symbol of spiritual protection in Christian tradition.



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