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Virgin of Guadalupe Medal Large Cameo

Virgin of Guadalupe Medal Large Cameo

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Impressive medal of the Virgin of Guadalupe in blue cameo with 925 silver and 14K gold plating (gold) or rhodium plating (silver) is a religious piece that combines high quality elements and great aesthetic beauty. The cameo is a type of relief sculpted on the surface of a gemstone or similar material. In this case, the cameo is blue, which may suggest that the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe is sculpted in a blue stone, which gives a touch of elegance and color to the medal.

The body of the medal is made of 925 silver, making it ideal for creating religious jewelry that can last for generations.

In short, a medal of the Virgin of Guadalupe in blue cameo with 925 silver and gold plating is a high-quality religious jewel that combines religious devotion with elegant aesthetics. It is a piece that can be appreciated for both its spiritual meaning and its visual beauty.

history of the piece

The Virgin of Guadalupe medal has a rich and significant history dating back to the 16th century, in the context of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Juan Diego in Mexico. Here is the history of the Virgin of Guadalupe medal:

Appearances of the Virgin of Guadalupe: In 1531, on Tepeyac Hill, near Mexico City, the Virgin Mary appeared to the indigenous peasant Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin. In her apparitions, the Virgin asked Juan Diego to go to the local bishop and ask him to build a church in her honor in that place. To prove its authenticity, the Virgin miraculously left her image printed on Juan Diego's tilma (a type of cloak).

The Tilma of Juan Diego: When Juan Diego displayed his tilma before Bishop Fray Juan de Zumárraga, the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe was printed on the fabric in an inexplicable way. This image became a symbol of the presence of the Virgin and is considered a miracle due to the quality and durability of the printed image, as well as other details and symbolic elements present in the tilma.

Spread of Devotion: Devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe grew rapidly in New Spain (today Mexico) and spread throughout Latin America. The Virgin of Guadalupe became the patron saint of Mexico and, eventually, the patron saint of all of America.

Creation of Medals and Reliquaries: Over the centuries, medals and reliquaries began to be created that had the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe printed or engraved on them. These medals became objects of devotion and protection for those who wore them. It is believed that the Virgin of Guadalupe grants blessings, protection and miracles to those who invoke her with faith.

Current Presence: Today, the medal of the Virgin of Guadalupe is one of the most popular and recognizable in the Catholic world and is used as a symbol of faith, hope and protection. It has become an icon not only in Latin America but throughout the world, and its history and meaning continue to be important to millions of people.

In short, the Virgin of Guadalupe medal has its roots in the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Juan Diego in the 16th century and has become a symbol of faith and devotion for millions of people around the world. Its history is intertwined with the history of Mexico and the Catholic Church in Latin America.


Oval piece 2.4cm high, 1.9 wide, with pearl 3cm high by 2.5 wide


Proper care of silver jewelry is important to maintain its beauty and durability over time.
Use a soft jewelry cleaning cloth to polish your silver pieces regularly. This will help remove dirt or you can clean it with a gentle mixture of warm water and mild detergent. Scrub gently with a soft toothbrush or cotton cloth. Then rinse well and dry carefully.
Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, hair products, chlorine, and cleaning products, as they can cause damage to the silver.

Although it may sound counterintuitive, regularly wearing your silver jewelry can help prevent oxidation, as the gentle friction of your skin can help maintain the shine of the silver.

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