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Decenario bracelet with wooden beads for men

Decenario bracelet with wooden beads for men

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A men's decenario bracelet with wooden beads is a piece of religious and spiritual jewelry commonly used for prayer and reflection in the Catholic tradition. This bracelet is usually made up of ten wooden beads, which represent the ten prayers of the Hail Mary in the Rosary. It also has an additional bead, often slightly larger in size, depicting the Our Father prayer.

The interior of the bracelet is made of Nylon thread and has an adjustable woven closure.

history of the piece

The men's decenario bracelet with wooden beads generally has a rustic and natural look due to the material used. The bracelet can be made of various types of wood, such as sandalwood, olive, coconut or other exotic woods.

Bracelet design and style may vary. Decenario bracelets have beads interspersed with small spacings or knots, allowing for a more elaborate design. Additionally, it is common to find a crucifix or cross at the end of the bracelet, which represents the Christian faith and its focus on the Passion of Christ.

This bracelet is not only a religious accessory, but also an expression of faith and personal spirituality. Many men choose to wear it as a discreet way to carry their beliefs and values ​​with them in their daily lives.

In short, a men's decenario bracelet with wooden beads is a meaningful piece of jewelry that combines Catholic spirituality with a rustic, natural design.



Wooden beads bracelet girl 6mm diameter
Large wooden beads bracelet 9mm diameter


Because this bracelet is made with wooden beads, it is very resistant and does not require special care.

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Pulsera Decenario de cuentas chicas de madera para hombre

Miguel Avalos

Excelente calidad, buen tamaño, cómoda, elegante.